Trickle Design Life 10-12 Years

Panasonic VRLA Trickle Design Life 10-12 years Panasonic valve regulated lead-acid battery trickle long life series was developed by studying and analyzing the factors which caused deterioration of conventional batteries in various aspects. Further, whereas conventional batteries needed separate bolts and nuts for connection, medium-capacity (24 to 42Ah) type batteries of this series adopt unique terminals which have been made into bolts (threaded post) for simpler installation and better safety; this makes replacement and connection of the batteries easier. The Panasonic VRLA battery covers a broad range of applications including UPS, wheel chairs, lawn mowers, golf-caddies, medical equipment, alarm systems, wind turbines, vending machines etc.
Much longer trickle life compared with conventional batteries was achieved with the battery footprint unchanged. Expected trickle life of 10-12 years in a range from 7.2 to 120 Ah
For easier installation, the terminal configuration of the medium capacity (24 to 42 Ah) type battery was changed from the lead terminal (which needs separate bolts) to the threaded post terminal
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